Snorkeling is a popular water activity that allows individuals to explore underwater environments while floating on the water’s surface. It typically involves wearing a mask, a snorkel (a breathing tube), and fins. This equipment enables snorkelers to breathe while keeping their face submerged in the water, allowing them to observe marine life and underwater landscapes.

components of snorkeling equipment

  1. Mask: A snug-fitting mask covers the eyes and nose, creating an air pocket for clear vision underwater. Some masks also include a separate compartment for the nose, allowing for easier equalization of pressure.
  2. Snorkel: The snorkel is a breathing tube that extends above the water’s surface, allowing the snorkeler to breathe without lifting their head out of the water. Modern snorkels often have a one-way valve at the top to prevent water from entering when submerged.
  3. Fins: Fins are worn on the feet to provide extra propulsion and maneuverability in the water. They help snorkelers move more efficiently and conserve energy.

While snorkeling, individuals can explore coral reefs, observe various marine species, and enjoy the beauty of underwater ecosystems. It is a relatively accessible activity, suitable for people of various ages and skill levels. However, basic swimming skills are recommended for a safe and enjoyable experience.

It’s essential to prioritize safety while snorkeling. Always check your equipment before entering the water, be aware of your surroundings, and avoid touching or disturbing marine life. Additionally, consider factors like weather conditions, water currents, and visibility when choosing a snorkeling location.

Snorkeling West Sumatera

Mentawai – The Mentawai Islands Rule has long been popular for its characteristic charm and submerged excellence. The region known as Bumi Sikerei may be a traveler goal gone to by numerous outside and nearby sightseers.This archipelago in West Sumatra with an range of 6,034 km² is appropriate to be on your occasion goal list along with your family or bestie.

When on occasion in Mentawai, snorkeling and jumping can be an curiously action for those of you who need to investigate the magnificence of the Mentawai submerged world which specifically faces the Indian Ocean.Snorkeling and jumping are water sports that are very challenging since you may be plunging specifically beneath the ocean. Indeed in spite of the fact that they are both submerged sports, for the most part snorkeling and diving are distinctive, specifically based on the level of profundity.

Announcing from, snorkeling is tired shallow water with a profundity of 1-3 meters. In the mean time, plunging is carried out in water profundities of 200-300 meters.So, snorkeling or jumping in Mentawai can be an energizing choice for those of you who need to encounter the sensation of plunging within the sea whereas spoiling your eyes with normal submerged biota.

4 proposals for snorkeling and jumping spots in Mentawai

  1. Awera Island

Awera Island may be a snorkeling and diving destination that must be gone by when in Mentawai. Announcing from, sightseers must utilize a watercraft to induce to Awera Island.
By snorkeling on Awera Island you’ll feel the sensation of jumping into the clear submerged excellence of Mentawai with calm waters. Devour your eyes on the charm of the beach with turquoise water and extends of coral reefs on Awera Island.

  1. Teak Shoreline

Jati Shoreline could be a suitable spot for snorkeling and plunging in Mentawai based on the comes about of the 2016 Coral Reef Restoration Administration Program – Coral Triangle Activity (Coremap-CTI) study, as quoted from the Wai Rule Government website.This island, which is flanked by Awera Island, Simakakang Island and Siburu Island, is 700 meters from Tuapejat dock. You’ll do snorkeling and jumping exercises within the Jati Shoreline range whereas getting a charge out of Mentawai submerged marine tourism. Surfing at Jati Beach is appropriate for those of you who are still tenderfoots.

  1. Siburu Island

This could be a choice of snorkeling and jumping spots in Mentawai. In spite of being a marine tourism goal, Siburu Island has no occupants.

By doing occasion exercises on Siburu Island, you can feel the sensation of being on your own island! The field of white sand and the differing qualities of beautiful coral reefs and angle are progressively satisfying to the eyes and include to the total fulfillment of your marine tourism on this uninhabited island in Mentawai.

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