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Mandeh island – west sumatera

If “Mande” is a specific area or village you are looking for, I recommend checking with local sources, tourism offices, or using updated online maps for the latest information. Keep in mind that local names and designations can sometimes vary, and new places might have been developed or renamed since my last update. more info you can look on Wikipedia.

In Mandeh, there is a tourist area. This area is only 56 km from Padang with an area covering 7 villages in 3 villages with farming, livestock and fishing as a livelihood. The Mandeh area tourist attraction (Mandeh Resort) is well known at both national and international levels with foreign (Italian) investment, developing a tourist resort known as Cubadak Paradiso.

This location is called Mandeh Resort because one of the villages in this area is called Kampung Mandeh, which is famous in the middle of Carocok Tarusan Bay. Carocok Tarusan Bay is quite sloping and has no waves because around it there are several small islands including Traju Island, Satan Island Big and Small, Sironjong Island Big and Small, besides of course Cubadak Island. Meanwhile, in the southern part of this area, precisely in Carocok Village, there is a headland that bends like a hook, so that the bay looks like an amazing lake with its ripples always singing incessantly.

How to go to mandeh

I don’t have specific information about a place called “Mande” in West Sumatra, Indonesia. If “Mande” is a specific destination or area you are referring to, it would be helpful to provide more context or details about its location.

To get accurate and up-to-date information on how to reach a particular destination, consider the following steps:

  1. Online Maps and Search Engines:
    • Use online maps like Google Maps or other mapping services to search for the specific location of “Mande.” You can input the name and see if it provides information on its location and nearby transportation options.
  2. Local Information:
    • Check with local tourism offices or ask residents in the surrounding areas for information about how to get to Mande. They might provide details on transportation options, routes, and any specific considerations.
  3. Online Travel Forums:
    • Travel forums or community websites often have discussions and information about various destinations. You can ask questions or search for existing threads related to Mande in West Sumatra.
  4. Contacting Local Authorities:
    • If Mande is a smaller village or area, consider reaching out to local government offices or authorities in the region. They may be able to provide information on transportation options or any special considerations for reaching that specific location.
  5. Transportation Hubs:
    • If Mande is near a larger town or city, you can plan your journey to the nearest transportation hub and then inquire locally about the best way to reach Mande from there. if you need info cheap flights klik here

Always ensure that you have the latest information, as transportation options and infrastructure can change. If possible, try to communicate with locals who may provide valuable insights and guidance on reaching your destination. if you need guider to go to mande isaland call this person

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